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In order to ensure that we put our best efforts under each project and task it became necessary to establish a permanent cooordination team of few highly qualified experts and to involve rlevant specialists depending on the specific requirements of the projects.








Mrs. Evelina Stoykova, Executive Manager, is an Architect and a leading expert in the area of energy efficiency in buildings, bio-climatic architecture and practical design. Mrs. Stoykova works also on application of sustainable building and energy efficient construction materials.



Mrs. Violetta Groseva, Manager of Sofia Energy Centre, is an electrical engineer with rich experience in the area of energy policy and management of energy systems. Mrs. Groseva has worked with many international organizations and has participated in and managed many energy projects.




Mrs. Ivanka Pandelieva, Project Manager, is an Economoist with experience in macro-economis analyses, analyses of industrial and energy information, project financing and accounting, as well as project and program coordination and support.



Mrs. Slavka Angelova, Accountant, with experience in business accounting, accounting legislative and regulatory framework, financial management of eneterprises.