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Energy efficiency in industry

 - Application of different co-generation schemes, including small-scale;


 - Horizontal energy technologies;



 - Energy assessments in: food and bevarage industry, cement industry, etc.;


 - Energy efficiency of district heating systems.




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More projects of Sofia Energy Center:


-   T@W -  Sustainable Energy Technology at Work


 The basic objective of T@W is to facilitate the entry of European know-how on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) into emerging climate markets: the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) market in Asia.

The T@W - Sustainable Energy Technology at Work project is supported by the European Commission Energy & Transport DG under the Sixth Framework Programme - Contract No:TREN/05/FP6EN/S07.55796/020065 65



-   SET @  Work Project

  Sustainable Energy Technologies in Action - thematic promotion action energy effective and energy saving technologies in the carbon markets. (Continued T @ W)



  - "Integrated programme for energy management (M&T) in Bulgaria and Romania" - SAVE project with EXERGIA S.A., Greece – leader, 2001




 -  Energy assessment and advice program to Bulgarian industries. 20 medium size enterprises of different industrial branches were selected for implementation of the Program. The objective was to provide assistance and advice on the current energy situation and possible areas of energy efficiency improvement in the participating enterprises. The audit team consisted of qualified Bulgarian experts and the audit results together with the respective proposals were given to the management of audited industries, 1995.




 -  Improving Combustion in Boilers through the Use of Appropriate Computer Systems in Maritsa East II Thermal Power Plant (Action #I199, lead OPET LDK Consultants, Engineers and Planners), 1994.





 -  Power Electronics - VSDs, used for a pump in Sofia Municipality Wastewater Treatment Plant (Action # I198, lead OPET LDK Consultants, Engineers and Planners), 1994.





 -  Stabilisation and Regulation System in a Public Lighting Network in Sofia (Action # B087, lead OPET ICAEN), 1994.




 -  Implementation of Monitoring and Targeting in Ariana Brewery (former Sofijsko Pivo) (Action # I224, lead OPET SYNERGIA) - Computer based system for Monitoring and Targeting, Energy Management, 1994.




 -  Variable Speed Drive - Frequency Control of an 45 kW Air Loading Fan for a Boiler in Ljulin District Heating Plant (Action # I221, lead OPET InnoTec), 1994.