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The project focuses on the interconnection issues for small RES electricity and micro-CHP applications including contractual, tariff rates, metering, power quality and safety standards, that must be resolved between the owner, the utility and the permitting authorities before the small RES electricity or micro CHP generation system will be connected to the grid.

Thus the aim of the project is twofold: to provide to the future owners of these systems (owners of individual dwellings, farms or small business) the appropriate information and supporting framework to help them implement their potential installations and also to provide to regulators, utility engineers, policy makers and professionalisms in the area the up to date information for the situation in the EU and candidate countries, offering them the opportunity to exchange experiences and examine future strategies.

In order to address these issues the project partners will implement a series of actions including a comprehensive web site and database, guidelines for interconnection issues and the homeowners, targeted workshops, a European event and other dissemination activities.




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Conclusions for Bulgaria


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